Safety Managers Forum Speakers

Mike Hutchinson, Managing Director of Bespoke Aviation Safety Consulting

Mike Hutchinson is the Founder and Managing Director of Bespoke Aviation Safety Consulting and a safety management specialist, trainer and assessor.  Before establishing his consultancy, Mike spent 28 years in the Royal Australian Air Force flying C130s and B707s as a check and training flight engineer.  Upon leaving the RAAF in 2005 Mike worked extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific Region and held senior roles in Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Japan, dealing with business aviation operations including flight operations and FBO management. 

In 2010 Mike returned to Australia and joined the Civil Aviation Safety Association (CASA) as the SMS and HF Manager within the Safety Systems Branch.   Mike was an active member of the Steering Committee for the Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG) while in this role.

Mike has a significant background in aviation safety management systems and human factors and holds a Master’s Degree in Aviation Management.  Mike is a Certified Trainer and provides high quality and engaging training to the aviation industry in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. 

Mike is currently providing services to Southpac Aerospace and IATA, running SMS, Safety Investigation and Human Factors courses as well as developing and running safety-related workshops for the aviation industry.  Mike helps safety managers new to SMS to understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as assisting them to look beyond simple SMS compliance to achieving better safety outcomes and effectiveness.



Ash McAlpine, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Ash McAlpine is employed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in the Coordination & Systems Safety Branch; specialising in safety performance and management.

Prior to joining CASA, Ashley completed 25-years with the Royal Australian Air Force as both a Navigator on C130 Hercules aircraft and as an Air Traffic Control Officer; sub-specialising in roles including Aerodrome Safety & Emergency Management, Wildlife Hazard Management, Laser Safety & Aviation Risk Management; he continues this relationship today as an active RAAF Reservist. During his time in the RAAF, Ash was twice awarded Commendations related to individual Safety Management achievements and was the inaugural awardee of the Dave Gunn Memorial Aviation Safety Award in 2012.

Ash is a qualified facilitator and is responsible for training and mentoring of both CASA Inspectors and aviation industry organisations in SMS implementation, management and evaluation. For the last 3-years, Ash has been an active member of the Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG) and whilst on the Steering Committee was the Project Lead for the recently re-released SM ICG SMS Evaluation Tool.

Ash is the State (Australian) representative on various International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Asia Pacific Steering Groups and works extensively with representatives from across the region, covering many domains of the aviation industry.

Ashley has a unique perspective on aviation; having insight through the eyes of an aviator, an air traffic controller and as an airfield operator.