Captain Tim Hosking

Tim Hosking

Captain Tim Hosking

Captain Tim Hosking started flying in 1991 at Essendon airport before obtaining his first job with a local charter company.  This job involved mostly hangar duties, but also provided him the opportunity do a couple of hundred hours a year as a First Officer on their DC-3 and Learjet.  From there he went in search of more hours and command time and proceeded to travel to Alice Springs and Darwin in search of what turned out to be a very illusive GA job.  The industry was very competitive during the early 90’s, but some 12 months later he ended up being offered a job back in Melbourne with a charter company operating a Learjet and Piper Chieftain.  This role provided him the opportunity to not only obtain those critical first 500 hours multi engine command hours but gave him an insight into the mechanics of running and small charter business operating International and domestic charters at short notice.

By the late 90’s he started to look for the next opportunity which would help to consolidate on the experiences obtained in Melbourne and headed to Cairns, where he obtained casual work with a number of local charter companies flying Piper and Cessna twins around the Cape York peninsula.  This led to a job with Macair Airlines in Mt Isa where they operated a number of light twins to local mines and communities. Tim then moved to Flight West Airlines in Townsville as a Brasilia First Officer where he stayed for around 18 months before being offered an opportunity with a fledgling Virgin Blue Airlines.

Virgin Blue was a very dynamic company which saw significant growth in a short period of time in those early years.  This provided an opportunity for a B737 command followed by a role in the training team as a CRM/NTS facilitator and Flight Operations project team member.  As Virgin Blue grew in both aircraft and pilot numbers, so did the demands on the management team.  He joined a new team of Line Operations Managers which worked to develop the systems and structure required to support the expanding Virgin Blue operation.

After a number of years as a Line Operations Manager, Tim jumped at the opportunity to move across to the new V Australia B777 operation shortly after its launch.  This provided him the opportunity to return to line flying and take on a new challenge as a Long Haul International Captain.  He also returned to NTS training and continued to participate in a number of activities around the business.  After a couple of years of line flying he moved back into an office role as a Flight Operations Manager for the B777 and subsequently took on the role of Chief Pilot International operations in which he has oversight of all the Virgin Australia International AOC operations in Australia and New Zealand.