The Safeskies Conference has been held biennially since 1993, in Canberra, and is one of the most highly regarded aviation safety conferences in the world. It is preceded by the Sir Reginald Ansett Memorial Lecture and the Conference Dinner, held in the magnificent Australian Parliament House. We have been fortunate to have many eminent speakers deliver the Ansett Lecture, including CEOs of major airlines such as Qantas and British Airways, and global luminaries such as Bert Rutan.

One of the major attractions of the Safeskies Conference is the bringing together of operational people from airlines, Defence, Government, training organisations, charter operators, Air Traffic Managers, suppliers and Regulators, both local and international. The informal discussions which occur are often just as valuable as the speaker’s messages on the latest developments in aviation safety.

Although best known for the biennial conference and dinner, Safeskies has an ongoing role as an informal safety facilitator for all sectors of aviation. As a non partisan, independent not for profit body, Safeskies can facilitate exchange of information and opinions between agencies and organisations involved in aviation safety. Safeskies can also provide independent commentary and advice on safety matters.

Finally thank you to all our supporters, or as we like to describe them, investors in aviation safety. As a not for profit organisation we rely on assistance both financial and in kind from many organisations in military, government and industry. Your ongoing support is very much appreciated.

Doug Nancarrow
Chairman Safeskies Conference