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Safeskies 2015 - Training for Change

The Safeskies Conference is regarded as one of the most pre-eminent aviation conferences in Australasia and globally by the aviation safety industry as an outstanding and highly informative event.

Safeskies Australia Conference was presented the Federation Aeronautique Internationale prestigious aviation award, the Honorary Group Diploma for Aeronautics in 2010.

The Safeskies Conference facilitates the exchange of information and ideas between regulators, investigators, governments, civil and military aviation operators and academia. Safeskies 2015 continues the tradition of providing delegates with an outstanding array of national and international speakers, all authorities in their field of expertise.

Sir Reginald Ansett Memorial Lecture & Conference Dinner

Tuesday 22 September 2015
Parliament House, Canberra

Safeskies 2015 Conference

Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 September 2015
Hotel Realm, Canberra

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